19 May 2019

How to de-stress

At certain points of my life I definitely have the feeling that I'm doing too much and I don't even have time for myself. Sometimes we go from one place to another and forget about taking a deep breath. Maybe that's because of school, work or some problems. Stress takes our energy out and destroys our health. However, there are ways to overcome it and today I want to share these solutions with you.

4 May 2019

Crete | travel diary

During Easter break, I had a chance to go to Crete- one of the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. I went there with my sister and parents and we had a lovely time. It was my second time in Greece and I'am amazed by the beauty and culture of it. The weather wasn't perfect, but I managed to swim in the sea several times. Our apartment was located near Chania (a little more about this town later) but we visited a lot of other places. Today, I want to show you some of the best locations to see.

19 April 2019


What's up? I'm glad that my school exam passed so quickly. It lasted three days, but it seems to me like one. Now, I can take a rest and relax for a few days. I'm also flying to Crete tomorrow and I'm pretty excited because travelling is my passion. I hope the weather will be nice as we want to sunbathe. I' m going to write something about that place and show you my pictures when I'm back home. 
Today I want to tell you about changes that will be introduced on my blog.