24 November 2019

A sleepless night


I couldn't sleep last night and my mind was filled with different thoughts and doubts. Nights like that are awful because you start to stress out and it makes the situation even worse. When you can't fall asleep you are aware of every minute passing by and it feels like ages. However, it inspired me to write something today.

Recently, I came across a website with quotes by Steve Jobs. I read them carefully, trying to understand the meaning. These quotes were extremely wise and inspiring. The one below is one of my favourites. 

8 November 2019

What to wear this fall

Hello! ♥
I just love fall and winter fashion. Layering, comfy sweaters, long coats, there are so many options to choose. Today I want to show you a few of my favourite trends, that are an ideal solution for chilly weather. 

13 October 2019

Dangers of social media

Nowadays almost everyone has an account on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Most of us check these websites at least once a day. Social media definitely has many advantages, but it can also be harmful to our mental health. Today I want to talk about the way it may influence our mood, behaviour or even values.