26 March 2020

A few days in Israel

A short disclaimer: This entry was written about a month ago. No wonder - now I'm stuck at home, because of the Coronavirus. I'm really glad I've been able to go on my winter holidays before the pandemic held me off. 
I'm also so sorry about this long break from writing - I had a serious reason.

  Recently, I visited Eilat, in Israel. I really enjoyed my time there, because of many different factors. First of all, I had a chance to escape cold, windy weather and recharge my batteries. Getting some vitamin D in winter and putting aside all of your worries for a while really do wonders. I also learned many fascinating things about this country, religion and definitely got some perspective. Today I want to show you some photos from Eilat, as well as from the different cities I visited.

27 January 2020

Make your mind a happy place


Am I a happy person? I'm not so sure because one day I burst with energy, and the next - curl up in my bed, wanting to disappear. I do know one thing - whilst mood fluctuation is totally normal, dragging ourselves down definitely isn't.

 Today I want to tell you something about a positive attitude and how it changes our lives. You might want to hear it if you are going through a tough time or aren't content with your life. I tried to make it as short as possible to emphasize my main points. 

12 January 2020

How to finally spend the day productively?

 I like spending my days in a productive way. That always makes me feel satisfied and happy. Like majority of people I have a few things going on in my life and on most of my days I need to prepare a to-do list and make sure to set priorities. We simply don't have time for everything. Today I want to tell you about a few habits that are literally life-changing. They will help you to balance your life, find more time, be healthier and achieve your goals.